When you get a $3,700 water bill… for a house with no pipes
Anytime a group of people gathers regularly, little traditions start to form, intended or not. The monthly meetings of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Board are no different.  The ritual starts during public comment period, early in the meeting. A resident steps to the mic, reveals the total of their astronomically high bill, swears
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More than 70 ways to have an unforgettable, design-filled September in Detroit
Detroit Month of Design is upon us… and there are enough events exploring the city’s design legacy and future to fill your entire month. But there’s so much else out there! Read on to plan out a jam-packed September… we’ve selected some of the design happenings we’re most excited about, plus dozens of other ideas
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Win free tickets to the Detroit Free Press Wine & Food Experience!
Join us in Cadillac Square on September 14 for the Detroit Free Press Wine & Food Experience! We’ll be chatting up the newest stars of Detroit’s restaurant scene and indulging in the city’s rich culinary traditions! This year’s tasting will include big names like Cameron Rolka (soon of Mink), Mike Ransom (Ima), Thomas Lents (Detroit
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Detroit's Shrine of the Black Madonna Bookstore and Cultural Center is slated to reopen after closing a few years ago.
A historic Detroit bookstore that celebrated black culture is getting a new life
The Shrine of the Black Madonna Bookstore and Cultural Center is getting a new look and focus when it reopens.
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Meet Sirene Abou-Chakra, director of development for the city of Detroit.
Meet Sirene Abou-Chakra, director of development for the City of Detroit
Detroiter Sirene Abou-Chakra, director of development for the city, chats with Detour about 20-minute neighborhoods, social mobility and her favorite hangouts around town.
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Good Cakes and Bakes owner April Anderson has seen business at her Detroit bakery decline by more than a third since construction started on Livernois Avenue.
Why Detroiters should battle construction chaos to spend their dollars on the Avenue of Fashion
Back in May, Carson Daly turned to the camera during a pre-Mother’s Day segment on “The Today Show” and instructed viewers to order a dessert from Good Cakes and Bakes. He name-checked their website as the hosts raved about a Lemon Velvet Cake whipped up by baker April Anderson under the watchful eye of mom
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A Renaissance Man of Note
We couldn’t do what we do here at Detour without our paying members — all of you who support our work and inspire us to keep writing! This week, we caught up with Detour member Peter Croce. Peter’s a regular Renaissance man around town — and if you haven’t caught one of his sweaty dance sets,
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Seeing through the smog to a tenuous green future in Detroit
It’s not a total surprise that Detroit neighborhoods deal with some of the worst environmental injustice issues in the state. But this heat map ranking Census tracts on environmental justice scores makes the disparity quite stark — lower-income people of color are bearing the brunt of environmental risks. A student research team guided Paul Mohai, University of
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When Hudson’s imploded, this architect’s imagination took off
How two sister architects used childhood memories to revive Detroit’s demolished buildings Though she’s too young to wax nostalgic about shopping at the Hudson’s flagship store in downtown Detroit, architect Amanda Shin vividly remembers watching the building’s implosion on TV in 1998 as a kid growing up in the suburbs.  Shin, 30, didn’t decide to study architecture until she was
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Show-stopping Detroit Airbnb was once an empty ruin
How to turn your mansion-buying daydreams into reality — and a side hustle repping Detroit  Who hasn’t fantasized about buying and restoring one of the city’s grand old homes to its former glory? Living that dream are Brandon Suman, 37, and Miranda Steinhauser, 28, who transformed their once-unlivable home in the University District to a show-stopping inn
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Helpless, angry and stranded — what it’s like living on a flooded Detroit street
A wet summer, record-high water levels across the region and a crumbling water and sewer system have submerged a community on Detroit’s east side for two weeks straight.
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Detour Members to Know: Meet Nicole de Beaufort
We couldn’t do what we do here at Detour without our paying subscribers — all of you who support our work and inspire us to keep going! This week, we caught up with Detour member Nicole de Beaufort, founder of EarlyWorks and a Jefferson Chalmers resident. We love Nicole’s commitment to her neighborhood and her love of all things natural
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