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We spotlight the best (safe) things to do around Detroit, with a focus on connection, creativity and community. Yes, even in 2020.

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Come hang out with Detour Detroit and Outlier Media for a hands-on, group act of accountability journalism.
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Feed your entrepreneurial spirit at a talk featuring social entrepreneur Lauren Bush Lauren at The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.
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During changing times, how can you become more civically-engaged, offline and IRL?
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detroit designer campo collective holiday window
It’s hard to imagine something in Detroit that provokes as much nostalgia as the former Hudson’s downtown -- double it for the holiday season, when the department store went overboard with the decorations, Santa shop, window displays, it goes on. People came from far and wide to check out the seven-story tree of lights and do their shopping. Davey LaFave grew up in the Upper Peninsula and remembers driving down with his family each year for their traditional holiday trip to Hudson's, capped off with their own spin on a classic Detroit Christmas -- hamburgers at Telway. Hudson’s closed, then
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detroit cocktail week
Detroit’s first Cocktail Classic launched in 2014, with a respectable 12 bars and restaurants serving drinks alongside a relatively modest brunch. In the fifth year, more than 40 establishments will be mixing it up at Friday’s Cocktail Classic -- and that doesn’t include the dizzying (perhaps literally) schedule of events in the days leading up to the main event. The celebration of local drinks -- and their creators behind the bars -- has grown into an entire Detroit Cocktail Week. The schedule is jam-packed, and includes way too many interesting events for most reasonable people to drink their way through. So we asked Nick
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fun house of style allen park
We’ve seen plenty of home tours in Detroit -- it’s a great way to peek inside stately historic neighborhoods like Boston Edison. But the Weird Homes Tour is something else. The national event, which started in Austin in 2014, has pinpointed some of the most unique interiors around the city and suburbs.
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