Life in the cracks:

A community exhibition of sidewalk botany

Deadline extended to Sunday September 20th!

The A.W.E. Society and Planet Detroit’s Detroiters Do Science Project are pleased to announce an open call for photos, artwork, writing, or surveys of sidewalk botany in Metro Detroit!

We need your help gathering observations of life in the cracks! All people, of all ages, are encouraged to submit their observations and artwork. We are interested in what you see, feel, and imagine when you look at the life emerging in the cracks. 

The ecosystems nearby have always known how to make do, even in difficult circumstances — finding ways of thriving in a world of concrete and mowed lawns. Rebellious weeds persist and form communities within the cracks of the sidewalks and crumbling pavement.

Let’s look to them for guidance on how to thrive. 

Resources to get you started:

If you would like help with identifying plants you see growing in the cracks, download the iNaturalist app and join the Detroiters Do Science Group!

But there’s so much more to a plant than its species name— so approach this in whatever way feels right to you!

If you need help finding inspiration, simply find a weed on the sidewalk and ask for help! Sit and listen. Introduce yourself and be patient while you wait for a response —many plants are shy! We are open to a wide variety of submissions and different approaches. Feel free to email us if you have questions at connect@planetdetroit.org!

To Submit:

Submit your photos, stories, artwork, videos, songs, poetry, plant lists, recipes, herbal guides— whatever you can conjure by September 15th 20th, 2020. Send artwork or observations or artwork using the form below (one file, up to 10MB file per submission). Selected submissions will culminate in an online exhibition and field-guide of life in the cracks.

NOTE: If you can’t submit using the form, contact us at connect@planetdetroit.org.

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