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🥊 City vs. suburbs

A city vs. ‘burbs comparison worth digging into. Promising drops in Detroit’s COVID-19 data. Arts and culture nonprofits losing millions in funding. Pressure on for the right to read. City budgeting during a pandemic. When WFH will become WFW for Detroit’s solo entrepreneurs and small startups. All that and more in a jam-packed Detour.

🎨 ‘We’re tired, but we ain’t weak’

Some context — especially historical background — always makes us feel grounded. So we’re digging a little deeper and exploring moments long before protesters most recently poured into the streets. First we’re headed to 1992… and then we’re going waaaay back to 1833 to pick at the local roots of an unjust system.

🏛️ Can you name this demolished building?

Take a sec and try to picture something you remember about Detroit from when you were younger. What if you could create a present-day version of it, filtered through your childhood memory? Well, we chatted with an architect who did exactly that.

😬 When your ‘fix Detroit’ idea works a little too well

So… remember that time Midtown paid people to move to Detroit — more than $4 million, to be exact? Journalist Anna Clark decided to go find the real legacy of the Live Midtown housing subsidies. Bold civic success story? A lighter to the gentrification match? You be the judge.