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Meet Ash and Kate

Mission and values

We will focus relentlessly on delivering quality information and experiences that our members value, with the ultimate goal of making our community more aware and connected.

We will strive to produce journalism that is correct, fair and properly sourced. We will properly label any errors of fact and clearly state any corrections to our readers.

We aren’t unbiased and we won’t pretend to be. We’ve lived in Detroit forever and anyway we think that’s bullshit. Even if we have a point of view, we promise to make our reporting as factual and honest as possible, and to seek diverse opinions whenever possible to make our product better.

We will treat our members and our greater community with fairness, honesty and respect.

We  welcome debate, perspectives and opinions from all sides of the political spectrum so long as they don’t denigrate others and are conveyed with respect. 

Consumer interaction and engagement is central to the journalism we do. We will embrace criticism and feedback from our members as opportunities to help us grow.

Our sponsorship and ethics policy

Detour Media Inc. is an independent local media company owned by co-founders Kate Abbey-Lambertz and Ashley Woods Branch. We are a member of the Information Accelerator class of 2018. Our investor is Lessin Media Group in Silicon Valley. We are also funded with grants from the Detroit Journalism Engagement Fund (funders include the Community Foundation of SE Michigan, the Ford Foundation and the Knight Foundation), the Google News Innovation Challenge, the Solutions Journalism Network and the Facebook Community Network.

Our fiscal sponsor for receiving and administering nonprofit grants is Tech Town Inc. in Detroit, MI. TechTown has no editorial or business influence or authority over Detour Media’s journalism or business decisions. You can review TechTown’s financial information here.

Detour is also a reader-powered news organization that receives funding from membership dollars. We do not accept anonymous donations and do not currently accept individual donations outside of our membership program.

In addition to producing independent journalism, Detour Media Inc. is also a newsletter publisher and consultant for other independent local news organizations. Our work in a consulting or production capacity is completely independent of our journalism work and does not engage with or impact our journalistic and editorial goals, mission and standards.

Detour may partner with brands, companies, agencies, or other organizations to provide content, marketing, promotions or events. We will clearly identify any sponsored, advertorial or marketing posts that appear in our newsletter, site or social channels. No marketing, advertising or sponsorship deal will ever unfairly influence our editorial coverage. That’s a promise.

Our relationships with readers matters to us. We will never sell your email to a third-party company.

We are missionaries, not mercenaries. We will make money and achieve success using methods that make us proud and make our product better.

More questions? Email ashley@detourdetroiter.com