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How the Ruth Ellis Center is protecting Detroit’s LGBTQ youth during the coronavirus crisis
By Sarah Williams Throughout the pandemic, the Ruth Ellis Center has kept providing its critical services for vulnerable LGBTQ Detroiters, like medical care, housing and food. But social distancing requirements means youth who rely on the center are losing a lifeline, while facing compounding health and safety risks. Still, their community has decades of experience,
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Person shopping at Whole Foods in front of store sign.
The constant anxiety of working at Detroit’s Whole Foods during a pandemic
ESSENTIAL DISPATCHES: Detour Detroit is spotlighting the stories of people whose jobs have been deemed “essential” under the Michigan’s directive issued last week that aims to keep most people at home. While many businesses have been forced to close to prevent the spread of COVID-19, others are still open, with tens of thousands working and
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Mich. Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist shares how he and his family survive social distancing
How Michigan Lt Gov. Garlin Gilchrist and his family stay sane while social distancing
By Amy Haimerl Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist is earning his #StandTALLforMichigan campaign slogan right now. He’s helping the state secure shipments of N95 masks and other critical supplies for hospitals treating patients with COVID-19; he’s also working on pressing issues such as unemployment benefit expansion and water shut-offs. He’s tasked with spreading a life-or-death message:
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Photo of Amina Daniels, owner of Detroit fitness studio Live Cycle Delight, in yoga pose.
Take in Detroit culture this week from your couch
What to do, eat, read and listen to in Detroit this week while you're trapped at home and social distancing.
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sign reading Refugees Welcome.
The coronavirus pandemic leaves asylum seekers at Freedom House Detroit in an excruciating waiting game
By Amy Haimerl Michigan’s mandate to stay at home and socially distance unless you’re an essential worker has ground normal life to a halt. It’s lonely and restless, even if you’re healthy and your job is secure.  At Freedom House Detroit, however, staff are scrambling to keep the doors open, while residents are on standby,
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Here are the best Metro Detroit restaurants available on delivery apps
Thankfully, during the coronavirus pandemic, we can at least order some of the best meals in Detroit on delivery apps -- without even pausing Netflix.
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