Busy day at Eastern Market, with hundreds of people walking through the open farmers market

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the blend detroit newsletter launch
Detour is teaming up with Detroit Women's Leadership Network to deliver essential information to help women grow, connect, learn, achieve and become the best versions of themselves.
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Illustration by Steven Shik
After 74 years in Detroit, MAYS Multimedia is a go-to printer for obituaries and memorial programs. That hasn't changed -- even as funerals do.
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Today, we are launching Detour’s Keep Detroit Local program, a member-supported promotion for small businesses impacted by COVID-19.
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Voyager curbside pickup dockside
Social distancing doesn't mean you have to miss out on fresh seafood, melt-in-your-mouth cookies, mile-high sandwiches and more.
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That's part of why there's so much riding on the 2020 Census.
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Spirit of Detroit
Keep bumping that techno. Sip wine with the stars. Test your trivia knowledge. Head to the drive-in (popcorn included)!
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More than 150 people participated in the first year of the Ramadan Lights Challenge — and the winning displays are glorious.
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Movement Festival in Detroit 2017
"The energy that happens during that festival is purely electric."
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covid19 leading cause of death michigan
The coronavirus was the leading single cause of death in Michigan in April — ahead of heart disease and cancer — with 2,386 deaths.
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