Meet the Detour team

ASHLEY CATHERINE WOODS is the CEO of Detour Media and Detour Collective, our consulting and creative strategy agency. She is the founder of the Detour daily newsletter, a member of The Information accelerator for media startups, a 2018 visiting Nieman fellow at Harvard University and a 2019 Marshall Memorial Fellow.

At the Detroit Free Press, where she led consumer experience and digital strategy, her work helped bring a 187-year-old media institution into the 21st century. Ashley thinks “that’s the way we’ve always done it” is the worst answer around.

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KATE ABBEY-LAMBERTZ is the editor of the Detour Detroit newsletter. She launched the Detroit vertical at HuffPost, refining digital and social strategies at the media group who basically invented it. She’s also reported on everything Michigan has to offer, from an escaped tiger hoax to rural Islamophobia. Kate approaches engagement and digital strategy from a reporter’s mindset, helping outlets and businesses alike authentically connect with readers on the merits of their content.

Emerging Voices

Introducing a citizen journalism program to help Detroiters share their stories. Here at Detour, we do our best to pound the pavement and trawl the vast stretches of the internet to bring you the news that matters — from across the region and from a range of viewpoints. We’re also telling the story of Detroit’s […]