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Local perks and discounts you’ll actually want to use, exclusively for Detour Detroit Members

This is where Detour Members unlock their discount codes from our Keep Detroit Local business partners! When you become a Detour Detroit Member, you’re not only supporting local journalism, but you also get exclusive perks and discounts so you can support other local businesses too!

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Enjoy a free day of doggy day care at Canine to Five or a day of coworking at Bamboo Detroit. Or use your exclusive promo code to shop online at Coup D’etat, Urbanam, Pizza Plex, and soo many other places! In addition to the deals, you’ll receive a monthly “members only” email that will keep you updated on new discounts, private events (virtual for now), giveaways, and introduce you to other Detour Detroit members via our member spotlight.

Become a Detour Detroit member today and let’s Keep Detroit Local!

Three ways to support Detour Detroit*


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  • Invitations to private digital chats
  • A special thank you gift from the Detour team
  • Participation in Keep Detroit Local, Detour’s pay it forward promo to support small businesses. Your membership funds a free Detour ad for a local business impacted by the pandemic!


  • All the benefits of a Sustainer
  • Plus a free digital or IRL happy hour with the Detour team!