Illustration of people waiting in line for housing. The Detroit Housing Commissioned opened its housing voucher waitlist for the first time in five years, but only a fraction of those in need will make it past the lottery for the limited spots.
Detroit Housing Commission opens rent voucher waitlist for the first time in 5 years
For the first time in five years, the Detroit Housing Commission has opened its housing voucher waitlist. Low-income families in the metro area have just until Wednesday, Feb. 5, to fill out the brief application for the federal housing assistance program, often known as Section 8, that subsidizes rents based on income.  The rare waitlist
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Kristine Ferguson in her new Highland Park sewing and alterations shop, Backstitch
How Backstitch, a new sewing and alterations shop in Highland Park, is built to serve community
Kristine Ferguson opened her sewing and alterations shop Backstitch to provide a new service and learning hub for her community of Highland Park, a city surrounded by Detroit.
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Photo of downtown Detroit from Riverfront. How would you spend $250 million to improve the city?
What would you do for Detroit with $250 million?
After Detroit City Council rejected Mayor Mike Duggan's proposed $250 million blight bond, we’re looking at one resident's suggestion for how the city could better spend that money to improve housing -- and the lives of all Detroiters. And we wanna know… what's yours?
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How my ‘inflammatory’ posters sparked real dialogue between black and white neighbors in Detroit
By Rhonda J. Smith: Neighbors even reported the event to officials -- but the people who actually came left with mutual respect, not outrage.
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blazing silence detroit cannabis flyer
Blazing Silence, Detroit summit, tackles discrimination and sexual harassment in Michigan’s budding cannabis industry
As recreational cannabis sales begin in Michigan, businesses face challenges of supply, new and restrictive local ordinances and accessing capital. But they’ll also have to navigate culture issues that come with legitimacy, and workers are starting to share stories of unfair treatment.  Jess Jackson, Detour Detroit Emerging Voices fellow, will host the Blazing Silence summit
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Children in an undated historic black and white photo exitt he Detroit Public Library Bookmobile.
The revamped Detroit bookmobile is bringing the library to residents, computers and all
The Detroit Public Library is expanding outreach and offerings with the Mobile Library, building on the 79-year-old bookmobile program.
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A Detroit photojournalist returns home to share these agonizing photos of the refugee crisis
The latest gallery show from the Detroit-based writer and documentarian showcases his most emotional work yet -- the stories and photographs Karpov collected during four years abroad working with refugees on the Mediterranean Sea.
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Hear ‘Homewreckers’ Aaron Glantz discuss the kingpins and crooked banks that swindled Detroit
The Center for Investigative Reporting’s Aaron Glantz is headed to Detroit for a discussion about his new book, “HOMEWRECKERS: How a Gang of Wall Street Kingpins, Hedge Fund Magnates, Crooked Banks, and Vulture Capitalists Suckered Millions Out of Their Homes and Demolished the American Dream.” Sarah Alvarez, Executive Editor of Outlier Media, will moderate the
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Artist Cassie Thornton is giving Detroiters alternative credit reports, because subprime isn’t a character trait
Artist Cassie Thornton is helping Detroiters create alternative credit reports that show a more holistic picture than just a low credit score.
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Dot map showing race of Metro Detroit residents as recorded by 2010 U.S. Census, created by demographer Dustin Cable.
Challenge yourself at a discussion on neighborhood relations between Black Detroiters and new white residents 
How can white residents who are new to Detroit responsibly enter historically Black communities, and how can longtime residents cope with changes to their neighborhoods? Rhonda J. Smith is tackling this complex and urgent topic in her journalism and community engagement practice as a Detour Detroit fellow, bringing together her reporting and personal knowledge for
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Checker Bar exterior in Detroit.
Detroit’s Checker Bar fired a white bartender after a Black customer alleged racially-motivated mistreatment
Detroit's Checker Bar is quietly dealing with a racial discrimination complaint, and their response looks very different than Founder's Brewing Co.
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At Detroit’s Coup D’etat boutique, Angela Wisniewski suits up for a personal rebellion
Think of Coup, located inside New Center’s Cadillac Place building, as an ever-evolving art object with a moodboard for a palette.
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