Detroit Elections

Detour is producing stories for the 2020 presidential election that help readers vote effectively, safely and confidently, involving you in the process to make sure we’re serving your information needs and delivering you community-driven journalism, resources and context that breaks out of the daily news cycle. We’ll break down what’s on your 2020 elections ballot, explain the ins-and-outs of voting from home, track key news from local races and monitor voting issues in the Detroit area — from absentee ballot delivery to polling place changes. Our coverage will continue to be guided by you. We’ll answer your questions about voting, candidates and ballot proposals, and we will focus on the issues you’ve said matter most to you. Read more about our election coverage plan here.

Track results with us here, and follow our live updates for essential news about the election and what happens after the polls close for the city and state.

detroit elections voting 2020
Detroiters' votes count -- and we want your help in developing our election coverage.
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Detroit ballot tracker
Everything we know about BallotTrax, the Detroit ballot tracker that caused confusion for some voters who cast votes by mail.
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Sign indicating a polling location had moved in Detroit on Aug 4.
Polling places changed last minute, absentee ballots that never came, polls that opened late -- voting issues plagued the Detroit primary.
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Jocelyn Benson, Michigan Secretary of State
A sharp increase in the number of people voting by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic could slow the counting of ballots in Michigan's August primary and the November general election, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said Wednesday.
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