Busy day at Eastern Market, with hundreds of people walking through the open farmers market

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Kresge Artist Fellowships are $25,000 awards for metro Detroit artists working in the genres of live arts or film and
Over the last decade, electric bills in southeast Michigan have jumped while power outages have become more of a problem.
Get the 411 on Detroit and regional water providers, rates and your water bill in the climate change era.
In 2022, Detour will launch the Detroit Development Tracker, a tool for residents to understand changes in their neighborhoods --
Midwest Detroit residents hope the Joe Louis Greenway will catalyze positive changes that stretch beyond the path’s boundaries and onto
Techno, the musical genre birthed in Detroit, is all grown up -- and being pushed forward by a new generation
Here are our picks for the best events around Detroit the week of Dec. 15 and beyond -- guaranteed to
The Pope Francis Center offers meals, laundry and showers, with Detroit guests in need increasing to 170-200 people a day
Planning a DIY bike tour of Detroit lets you show a visitor your personal landmarks and city history, as well
From a drag holiday extravaganza to Bakpak Durden's exhibit, here's what to check out around Detroit for the week of

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Seen from upstairs at The Royce, a wine bar and shop in Detroit's Grand Circus Park.

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