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Planet Detroit helps you get smarter about the environment in Detroit and Michigan. Planet Detroit’s stories and weekly newsletter focus on explanatory, solutions-based and investigative reporting, and a deep commitment to community engagement around local environmental issues. Planet Detroit’s mission is to raise awareness about Metro Detroit’s environmental and public health issues, hold powerful entities accountable and help our audience connect with their local environment and take action to protect the health of their communities.

Whatever success Detroit has reining in the health impacts from air pollution in a post-COVID world will follow on some
“Wow.” That’s all we can say about this 10,325-square-foot mansion in Palmer Woods, one of the most expensive homes for
The Drive SAFE bills aim to make it easier to get a driver’s license for undocumented immigrants in Michigan.
When the Fitzgerald Revitalization Project was announced in 2017, it came with a great deal of fanfare for its ambitious
After the CDC dropped its bombshell guidance last week saying vaccinated folks can forgo the face covering and Michigan Gov.
U.S. Steel's operations on Zug Island are indefinitely idled -- but the Detroit River site remains an industrial icon.
Detroit's Brutalist architectural legacy isn't often recognized. Here are some of the most notable Brutalist buildings to know in the
A I walked closer to the river, I saw two fire-orange orbs serving as a beacon for the early risers
For members of Detroit’s Bangladeshi and Bengali, communities, even talking about mental health can be a challenge.
COVID-19 is a public health crisis on its own -- but the pandemic has also revealed the systemic health factors