Here are the best Metro Detroit restaurants availa...

Here are the best Metro Detroit restaurants available on delivery apps

From Detroit-style botana to mouthwatering jerk chicken, you can still eat your faves while social distancing.

By Will Branch

UPDATED: 4/29/20

At the climax of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, as an exhausted Frodo Baggins runs out of hope and collapses at the foot of Mt. Doom, his faithful friend Samwise Gamgee tries to remind him of happier times. “Do you remember the taste of strawberries,” Sam asked Frodo. 

“No, Sam,” Frodo answered. “I do not remember the taste of food.”

We are two weeks into our current state of COVID-19 social isolation, and I have never related to Frodo more. Not just because hobbies that once seemed like an escape are now crushing our souls, but also because consumers have descended into Gollum-like madness, hoarding all the precious strawberries, groceries and toilet paper for themselves.

Thankfully, sometimes living in the future is not purely dystopic — and we now have the connectivity to order some of the best meals in Detroit delivered to us without even pausing Netflix. Initially, these apps were populated with only fast food chains and coneys. Slowly, more independent restaurants have joined up. Now, with dine-in services being suspended due to Michigan’s stay at home order, even more are coming on board. 

Additionally, many of these delivery platforms are offering new sign-up discounts or waiving additional delivery fees, making it an affordable and safe way to have a delicious meal and to support local restaurants, which badly need the help right now. Just remember to tip!

Here are some of our favorite restaurants available on delivery apps right now. 

Voyager, Ferndale

Available on: GrubHub

Key Dishes: Filet O’ Fish Sandwich, Lobster Roll, beer and wine delivery!
Ferndale’s Voyager gained national attention when it was named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s Restaurants of the Year in 2018. The charming Ferndale restaurant is known for fresh, delicious, and thoughtfully prepared seafood dishes. Since the stay at home order began, Voyager has refined the menu to best suit curbside and delivery order. Not only can you get a perfectly crispy fried whitefish dinner delivered, but they are also now offering provisions and grocery items such as fish, scallops, bread, local produce, and the all-important beer and wine.


Culantro, Ferndale

Available on: DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, GrubHub

Key Items: Pollo La Brassa, Arroz Con Pollo

Ferndale’s family owned Culantro is one of the few Peruvian restaurants in metro Detroit. Since opening in 2018, they have quickly become known for their whole, Peruvian-style rotisserie chickens (Pollo La Brassa) which is served with a variety of tangy and spicy sauces and can be ordered by the piece or as a whole bird. Stews, black beans and rice and fresh juices are not just delicious, but also foods that transport very well without losing any flavor.


Pietrzyk Pierogi, Detroit

Available on: GrubHub

Key Dishes: Holy Gouda Pierogi, O.G. Vegetarian Pierogi

Longtime pop-up favorite Pietrzyk Pierogi finally found their brick & mortar home in Detroit’s Gratiot Central Market in 2019. As owner Erica Pietrzyk is now stranger to hustling and improvising, she has adapted her model to fit these times and is now offering delivery. While she prides herself on the family and traditional recipes, their unique offerings like the rich and cheesy Holy Gouda should not be missed.


Takoi in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. Credit: Chris Miele

Marrow, Detroit

Available on: DoorDash, Mercato

Key Dishes: Szechuan Mushroom Dumplings, Butcher Shop Udon

In a very short time span, Marrow has racked up awards both local and national — inclusion on Eater’s list of best new restaurants and a James Beard semi-finalist nod for chef Sarah Welch. This hybrid restaurant/butcher shop is known for more than just perfect cuts of meat, like dishes like Szechuan Mushroom Dumplings and Butcher Shop Udon. To fit the needs of the current times, Marrow is offering meal delivery through DoorDash and they are also delivering raw steaks and provisions through Mercato (link found on Marrow’s website).


Takoi, Detroit

Available on: (temporarily suspended)

Key Items: Khao Soi, Crispy Pork Sparerib

One of the few silver linings to sheltering in place is that Takoi, the 2017 Free Press best new restaurant, has joined the delivery app game and has not compromised in doing so. Now you can quarantine with Takoi’s salty and sweet fried pork spareribs in caramel fish sauce or keep it simple with their Thai fried chicken, a dish that dates back to Chef Brad Greenhill’s days operating as a pop-up and food truck.


Magnet, Greenhill’s restaurant offering wood-fired Mediterranean fare, is also serving dinner through DoorDash.


Louisiana Creole Gumbo, Detroit

Available on: DoorDash, Uber Eats

Key Items: Gumbo Supreme, Creole Trio Combo

Louisiana Creole Gumbo has been an Eastern Market institution since 1970. Their gumbo and jambalaya were some of the original creole dishes to appear in Detroit. They have recently expanded to a second location on 7 Mile, which cuts down on delivery time to Detroit and the metro area. 


Mi Pueblo Express, Detroit

Available on: DoorDash, Uber Eats

Key Items: Botana, Mi Puebla Style Dinner

Spun off the success of the original Mi Pueblo, Express unfortunately cannot deliver their fishbowl sized margaritas but they will do almost everything else ranging from the cheesy and comforting botana appetizer to 17 different meats and options for taco fillings and a variety of stews and dinners. Just make sure you have your own tequila and limes.  


YumVillage, Detroit

Available on: temporarily suspended

Key Items: Maafe Rice, Classic Village Combo

Chef and owner Godwin Ihentuge hustled for years, serving his charred and spicy jerk chicken at events and biergartens throughout Detroit. Now, his New Center location is open and thriving — and just named #2 on the Free Press’ list of best new restaurants. Their clever “build your bowl” concept is an accessible but delicious way to try Afro-Caribbean dishes like the previously mentioned jerk chicken and maafe rice (a West African peanut stew).


Som Tum Thai , available from Takoi on DoorDash. Credit: Chris Miele

Treat Dreams Dessert Emporium, Ferndale

Available on: GrubHub

Key Items: artisan ice creams and cookies

One cannot survive on savory alone. In 2019, the quirky Ferndale ice cream shop Treat Dreams merged with D’Vine Cookies, and the Emporium was born. The menu still has favorites like scoops of Cookie Monster ice cream, but now also features build-your-own ice cream cookies, oversized and stuffed cookies, pie, brownies and more. 


Polish Village Cafe, Hamtramck

Available on: GrubHub

Key Items: Pierogi, Polish Plate

While it has been heartbreaking to watch other Poletown institutions close over the last few years, Polish Village Cafe still remains open (and the best). Thankfully, they have recently added delivery service so you can enjoy house-made pierogi, potato pancakes and kielbasa that is all served the same way it was when they opened in the 1970s. 


Balkan House, Hamtramck, Ferndale

Available on: GrubHub

Key Items: Döner Kebab, Chevapi

The meaty, salty, and charred döner kebab is a foundational pre and post-bar snack throughout much of Europe and has finally caught on in Detroit. Balkan House, which came in at #8 on the Free Press’ best new restaurants list, is the ideal delivery for a virtual happy hour or another binge of “Parks and Recreation,” because, as Ron Swanson said…

Detroit Pho & Crab, Warren

Available on: Postmates

Key Items: Pho Special, Grilled Lobster Tail Vermicelli 

The John R/Dequindre corridor has become a hotbed of Asian cuisines previously unseen in the area. Unfortunately, many of the best local noodle shops have not yet joined the app delivery world. That changed when Detroit Pho & Crab brought their Viet-Cajun roots to the area. Their rich pho offerings include the traditional beef bowls, but also upgraded seafood versions featuring add-ons like crab and lobster as well as Creole-inspired offerings like Po Boys and Seafood in a Bag. 


O.W.L., Royal Oak

Available on: Postmates

Key Items: Chili Cheese Fries, Chilaquiles

Traditionally, Metro Detroit’s many Coney Islands were the only 24-hour establishments. That is, until Royal Oak’s O.W.L. opened. This funky, small diner serves Mexican-influenced American fare with big breakfasts like chilaquiles, not to mention some of the best burgers and chili cheese fries. 


Kaizen Ramen, Royal Oak

Available on: Postmates

Key Items: Classic Tonkatsu, Shoyu Ramen

Our noodle-starved local world of only five years ago feels like a distant memory. Now eateries like Chen’s Noodles, Ima, Kung Fu Noodles and others serve soul-nourishing ramen and brothy noodles. Kaizen Ramen in Royal Oak is as delicious as any of the competition. Their tonkatsu (pork broth) is rich and smokey but not overly thick –perfect for daydreaming of the comfort social contact once provided.


Pho Lucky, Detroit

Available on: Postmates

Key Items: Summer Rolls, Phở Tái

Detroit proper may not have the density of Vietnamese restaurants found in Madison Heights, but that does not mean you should sleep on Pho Lucky. The Midtown location is delivering and their 12 varieties of Phở are as good as anyone’s. Not in the mood for soup? Try the Bún — dry rice noodles served with grilled meat, a sour sauce and fresh vegetables.


Rocco’s Italian Deli, Detroit

Available on: Postmates

Key Items: Il Rocco Sandwich, The Breast Chicken Parm

If you grew up on the East side, you are already familiar with the tradition of the corner Italian deli that stacked high piles of perfectly sliced meats and cheeses. Sadly, staples like Ventimiglia’s Market are not on the apps. However, Rocco’s is — and they take the Eastsiders’ sandwich game and elevate it. The best example of this is their signature Il Rocco Sandwich with sopressata, mortadella, fontina, spicy red pepper relish and garlic-lemon aioli on ciabatta, balancing salty with tangy and a little heat. 


The Jamaican Pot, Detroit

Available on: DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub

Key Items: Beef Patty, Jerk Chicken

When it comes to delivery dining, it’s all about the food itself, not atmosphere. Case in point, The Jamaican Pot and their unassuming strip mall location on 8 Mile, which has become a staple for carryout and delivery. Their jerk chicken is tasty, if you like a saucier style. And don’t sleep on the very snackable patties or their selection of curries.


Coriander Kitchen & Farm, Detroit

Available on: Coriander Kitchen & Farm Website

Key Items: Rotating selection of farm to table dishes

Coriander Kitchen & Farm specializes in clean and delicious food from chef Alison Heeres and farmer Gwen Meyer. Everything they serve has either been grown on their own farm or is locally sourced. While we are all sheltering in place, Coriander is one of the healthiest and freshest options that you can have brought to your door. Dishes inspired by Indian, Asian, Moroccan and other bold flavors are found on their menu which rotates weekly. The menu for the week goes online every Tuesday by noon, and orders must be entered by Thursday. All deliveries will be brought to you on Monday, regardless of if you live in Detroit or the surrounding area. A perfect way to start the week.


Ima, Detroit and Madison Heights

Available on: DoorDash

Key Items: Spicy Tori Ramen, Curry Yaki Udon

Finally! After suspending delivery briefly while Ima worked out how to balance three locations through a pandemic, Ima is back to offering delivery, and that is a much needed cause for celebration. Over the last few years, Ima and chef/owner Mike Ransom have won the 2019 Free Press Restaurant of the Year and is a constant mainstay on Eater’s Top 38. With the Madison Heights and Midtown Detroit locations back open, Ima has a wide delivery range (through DoorDash) for brothy ramen and udon bowls like their incredible Spicy Tori Ramen and a vegetarian selection of dishes that are always thoughtful and layered with flavor. However, only the Midtown Detroit location offers delivery of their newly launched and wonderful Spicy Chicken Sandwiches.


Ferndale Project, Ferndale

Available on: Ferndale Project Website

Key Items: Pasties, Detroit-style pizza, Beer & Cider

Ferndale Project started as the experimental extension of Eastern Market Brewing and has quickly grown into something else. After Axle Brewing shut down their beautiful taproom located on Livernois, Eastern Market Brewing agreed to take it over and created a space with a reconceptualized menu, coffee bar, and well crafted beers and ciders. Unfortunately, their doors had only been open for a little over a month when COVID-19 hit. Ferndale Project was able to quickly pivot and has become a staple in the area offering hearty pasties, thick Detroit-style pizza, and an excellent selection of dark, sour, and hoppy beers. All order must be placed through their website.


William Branch is a chef, co-founder of Corridor Sausage and husband to Detour founder Ashley Woods Branch. A freelance journalist in his previous life, Branch thought this was the chance for Detour to publish more “Lord of the Rings” jokes than they have previous published or likely will ever print again.