Get to know: Alessandra R. Carreon, PizzaPlex

Get to know: Alessandra R. Carreon, PizzaPlex

Read our feature story with Alessandra R. Carreon, co-founder of PizzaPlex in Southwest Detroit.

Get to know Alessandra:

What neighborhood do you live in? West Village

What’s your favorite thing about where you live? My neighbors!

What do you do for a living? I work in Global Sustainability at Ford Motor Company and help lead PizzaPlex as one of its co-owners.

How do you spend your time outside of work? Outside of my day job and role at PizzaPlex, I choose to volunteer in support of the work of sustainability- and community development-focused nonprofits in Detroit like EcoWorksThe Villages CDC and my own neighborhood association.

Where do you work out? The Boll Family YMCA for their gym, but I’m training for the October Free Press international marathon so you can also find me running around the city — especially on Belle Isle.

Favorite meals in the Detroit area: There are too many to list — but I have to call out The Clique for breakfast.

Favorite independent-owned shop: I love the mission of Pink Elephant!

Favorite Michigan-made products: The music of Motown will last forever.

Favorite community organization: There are so many amazing community organizations in Detroit! Naming a single favorite is so tough. I do want to show gratitude for the incredible work of FoodLab Detroit as a convener of food businesses who commit to sustainability and equity and would also like to highlight the innovation behind Detroit’s newly launched social justice fund called Transforming Power Fund.

A Detroit community leader you admire: One of my favorite community leaders is Rev. Joan Ross of the North End Woodward Community Coalition and WNUC radio. She is a fearless leader who weaves equitable and sustainable technology across her work, including in her efforts building the Equitable Internet Initiative.

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