Get ready for The Dig, bringing you all the dirt o...

Get ready for The Dig, bringing you all the dirt on Detroit development and real estate

Coming this month from Detour Detroit: A newsletter examining the built environment, for all of Detroit’s 143 square miles.

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Detour Detroit is expanding its community-rooted coverage this month with the launch of The Dig, a vertical and weekly newsletter about development, housing and real estate in the city.

Every Wednesday, subscribers of The Dig will receive a dispatch in their inboxes tackling the biggest real estate issues facing Detroit, with original reporting, deep dives on the forces and faces changing the built environment, analyses of projects and policy and how-to guides for Detroit builders and buyers. And it wouldn’t be a Detour project without some GIFs and lighthearted commentary.

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The Dig is headed up by editor Aaron Mondry, a journalist who brings deep knowledge of the city’s real estate world and a nuanced perspective on equity, affordability and revitalization. 

“Reporting on real estate often overemphasizes the top-line figures of a project: who are the major players, how much will it cost, how many units will be constructed, when will it be finished,” Mondry said. “A more important question is… What will the impact be for Detroit residents? A development may cost millions of dollars, but how much of that will actually benefit Detroiters? Who will be living, dining and shopping at the new establishments?”

The Dig’s mission and focus was shaped with reader input through hundreds of survey responses and one-on-one conversations. Our audience told us overwhelmingly that they want more coverage of neighborhood-based issues and careful consideration of gentrification forces. They want to learn about everything from solutions for vacancy and displacement, to the city’s development and architectural past, to restoring a historic home, to what really goes on during a Board of Zoning Appeals meeting.  

Beyond the weekly newsletter, The Dig’s original journalism will help readers understand the larger forces shaping development where they live; while The Dig’s digital guides will provide resources and advice for Detroiters at any stage of their real estate journey.

“In just two years, Detour has become a trusted source for impactful local journalism to tens of thousands of Detroiters,” said Detour cofounder and CEO Ashley Woods Branch. “With The Dig, we’re creating a nuanced and authoritative guide to Detroit’s development scene, while offering ideas and recommendations to ensure the city’s revitalization is inclusive to all.”

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Kate Abbey-Lambertz is the co-founder and editorial director for Detour Media. She leads editorial strategy for the signature Detour Detroit newsletter, The Blend and special projects, while shaping Detour’s membership program, audience development initiatives and design. Kate was previously a national reporter at HuffPost, where she covered equitable cities and urban issues. She launched HuffPost’s Detroit vertical, serving as reporter and editor, and has reported on Detroit for a decade. Follow her on Twitter: @kabbeyl